LGBT Community Groups Network Website

The newly formed LGBT Community Groups Network launches its new website today.



The LGBT Community Groups Network has been set up to help smaller LGBT not-for profit groups get to know and support each other, share opportunities and resources, and to access specialist advice, information and support to help with their work. The network is provided by and for member groups with a fundamental emphasis on peer support. The network is facilitated with the support of Community Works LGBT Reps. Gary Pargeter and Chris Cooke. The first phase of the new website highlights network news, member groups information, and contact details. This will be quickly followed by the addition of a newly created members Facebook group to share news, ideas, information and opinions. As the network meets together over the course of the year there will be development of a Forum page for members to collaborate on the direction of the network and its activities. Member groups will have opportunity to help develop the website to promote their work, and to start-up a resource sharing group.
If you’re involved in running or organising a smaller LGBT Group (with an annual income of £35k or less), please get in touch to find out more about membership of the LGBT Community Groups Network and how we can support each other