Older and Out

Older and Out provides an open, welcome space for the OLGBTQU community to come together, to strengthen and create new friendships.
To give support and advice on issues that may be presented by members.
To invite other voluntary and statutory services to promote their services.
To act as a springboard, encouraging and supporting the members to create their own support networks, often without close family, friendships and support groups play a vital role in the health and well being of all older people but especially with OLGBTQU.
With an outcome of cohesive friendships, stronger connectedness and voice, leading to reduced levels of depression and ill health associated with social isolation.
Older and Out’s main aims have been gathered from a piece of collaborative research, held in September 2013. Somerset Day Centre, MindOut and Lifelines provided a questionnaire and discussion space for 33 members of the OLGBTQU community where participants were asked for their views on what services they felt are needed in the local community to ensure that that LGBTQU people are treated with understanding and dignity in older age.


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01273 699000


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Older and Out
Somerset Day Centre
62 St James’s Street